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TRUTH is designed to provide & fulfill your requirements of today’s modern drug, which requires convenient packing with added medical benefits and marketing advantages. TRUTH offers clean and sterile ready to use Prefillable Syringe Components to Pharmaceutical industry.

The cost benefit study at various medical centers clearly shows advantages of Prefillable Syringe Components at each level i.e. purchases, storage, sterilization, distribution, inventory controls & most important shortest injection preparation. TRUTH used for your drugs means a definite marketing advantage

Prefill Syringes
Tub Pack

Luer Tip or Fixed Needles or Luer Lock.

Barrels with or without ground Tip.

With choice of Needle lengths and guages.

Barrels with cut or round flange.

ETO Sterilised and unsterlised option.

Sizes: 0.5 ml, 1 ml regular,1.5ml, 2 ml, 2.5 ml, 3ml, 5ml

Plungers Rod in Standard or specialised Plastics.

Stoppering machine can also be made available.

Project to fill prefill syringe



    Our TRUTH Range: