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The Esrite Kit

The kit comprises of non-corroding, washable polypropylene interlocking stand with provision to simultaneously hold 5 to 10 pipettes. The Esrite Pipettes are manufactured from hard borosilicate glass; to international standards using special uniform bore technology. The ESR tubes are ground at the bottom perfectly cylindrical and accurate to micron tolerance to give leak proof closure in the blood sample vial. Anodized aluminum screen with permanent blue scale helps easy reading of sedimentation rate. Vials of chemically resistant plastics are manufactured in strictly controlled atmosphere.

Salient Features:

Eliminates risk of infection associated with mouth pipetting blood ESR tube
Highly convenient filling and level adjustment of ESR Tube without risky time-consuming, repeated sucking to maintain proper blood level while fitting ESR tube into the stand.
Simple, straight, forward fitting of ESR tubes into stand.
Saving in the quantity of blood and citrate solution just half the quantity of the usual mixture.
Direct transfer into filling vial overcomes contamination problems due to unclean containers (Bottles) and avoids in bottle costs.

Catalogue No.
Pack Size
E-5; 5 pipettes & 100 Vials
1 Kit
E-10; 10 pipettes & 200 Vials
1 Kit

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