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 Blood Collection Vacuum Tube:

The TRUTH Glass Vacuum Tubes
Pack Size – 20 Per Box

The sterile TRUTH blood collection System is a revolution in blood collection Technology. The ready made High Quality evacuated tubes have precisely controlled vacuum to cater to an exact draw volume for blood testing. This smooth,easy to handle device provides a quick & safe method of blood collection, also increasing clinical accuracy. This highly advanced system is avaiable in all standard additives.

Blood Collection Vaccum Tube
Steps for TRUTH Blood Collection Systems:

Hold the coloured section of the needle shield in one hand. Twist and remove the white section with the other hand to expose the sheathed end of the needle.
Secure the needle to the holder with a screw action. Do not remove the coloured shield on the needle.
Prepare the veni-puncture site. Now, remove the coloured section of the needle.
Introduce the tube into the holder. Placing your forefinger and middle finger on the flange of the holder and the thumb on the bottom, push the tube to the end of the holder puncturing the face of the rubber stopper.
When vacuum is exhausted and blood flow ceases, apply a soft pressure with thump against the flange of the holder to disengage stopper from the needle and remove tube from holder. For multiple sampling repeat step 5
While blood flows into succeeding tubes, gently invert previously filled tubes containing additives for about 10 times to mix additives with blood. Do not shake or mix vigorously as it may cause hemolysis. When sampling is done, withdraw the tube from the needle before removing needle from vein.
Unscrew needle from the holder with utmost care not to get a needle prick from either end of exposed cannula. It is advisable to shield the cannula before unscrewing it but ensure to dipose it off.



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